Centrepoint Travel Software

A UNIX-based fax system that enables and manages the manual or automatic transmission of documents to any Group III fax machine in the world.

A single, simple command is used to enter the name of the text file with the destination fax numbers and the request is then automatically processed by the fax scheduler.

The Fax Administrator may set-up 'aliases' to allow users to refer to a fax number (or a group of numbers) by a single, memorable, word.

A document can be sent to as many as one hundred destination fax numbers using one or more fast fax modems. The results of the transmissions are recorded and a report can be mailed back to the user if required. The scheduler itself handles delayed retries due to busy fax lines, thereby ensuring that the modems are available for the maximum possible time.

Each document page may be transmitted in the normal 'portrait' orientation or in the 'landscape' format required for wide documents. A page of text may also be overlayed with scanned or graphics images such as logos and signatures.

Both 'fine' and 'normal' resolution faxes are supported and bold, underline and some accent characters can be generated.

A control program is provided which allows the Fax Administrator to make up to nine more fax modems available to the system while it is running, as well as providing a monitoring function to examine the current system status and to remove requests or modems in an interactive environment.

A full audit trail is kept to enable the production of reports such as error listings and usage statistics if required.

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